About NanbyoData

NanbyoData provides a comprehensive and centralized collection of useful information on rare diseases from various perspectives, accessible to everyone.

Accumulating information on nanbyo diseases from diverse perspectives

NanbyoData aggregates rare disease information from a variety of perspectives, including basic research, clinical data, and real-world disease scenarios, all presented in Japanese.

Accumulating information on nanbyo diseases from around the world

NanbyoData compiles rare disease information from around the world, featuring the latest updates from global medical databases and information sites.

Updateing information on nanbyo diseases

NanbyoData plans to publish information on rare diseases targeting the Japanese population, incorporating findings from past research and studies, as well as unique epidemiological data from large-scale medical databases.


In Japan, rare diseases are addressed through two specific healthcare schemes: the "Designated Intractable Diseases" system and the "Specified Chronic Diseases of Children" system. As of July 2021, these systems cover 333 and 762 diseases, respectively. The Nanbyo Disease Ontology (NANDO) is the first ontology that systematizes the disease concepts and relationships among the diseases targeted by Japan's rare disease policies. NanbyoData utilizes NANDO to gather and provide data on rare diseases both domestically and internationally. The vocabulary list and hierarchical structure of NANDO can be accessed as the follow:
- Vocabulary list


NanbyoData and NANDO strive to provide data in good faith, but do not verify the accuracy, clinical validity, or usefulness of the data. The Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) bears no responsibility, either expressed or implied, for any actions taken by users using this data. DBCLS also bears no responsibility for any damages incurred due to changes, interruptions, or cessation of this service. Additionally, the terms of this disclaimer align with those outlined in the "Disclaimer" section of the Life Science Integrated Database Center's site policy.


The data provided by NANDO and NanbyoData is available for use, including commercial purposes, as long as it adheres to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) License. This license allows users to freely replicate or modify the data under these terms.
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The construction of this ontology was informed by references to DDrare and RDVJ. The results from the BioHackathon were also utilized in building this ontology.